Confessions of the One who Experienced – by Gautham Narendran

I went through the transcripts of the discourse and was bowled over! There was no way that someone can say it isn’t Swami. Even if someone has researched Swami’s discourses for a decade, still no one can ever pull off such a discourse with such spontaneity, situational anecdotes, light jokes, word pun and most importantly the profound truths. Anyways, this Kodai incident became a big deal! There were posts all over Facebook! Meanwhile, there were some noises from some quarters. There were posts questioning the authenticity of the so-called Miracles happening at Muddenahalli. They started crying foul. They started accusing people on social media platforms. They lashed out at the Muddenahalli authorities for taking devotees for a ride. At some point, I saw Sai devotees arguing with each other on Facebook, instead of praying to Bhagawan to grant such an experience on each of us. I was shocked to know that even Sai devotees were now divided. It was a big deal for me because I studied in Muddenahalli as well as Parthi! I knew most of the teachers in Muddenahalli. They are all typical Tyaga Jeevis as Swami always addressed them. They hardly care for fame, name, money, pomp, luxury, etc… And to accuse them openly was a bit too much for me to digest. Probably, I felt this is the biggest test the Sai community ever has to go through! Much more intense test than even the Mahasamadhi! I was always wanting to experience the reality of this myself.

Two months back, in September first week, there was an Alumni Meet for Muddenahalli and Alike campus students. It was organised in Muddenahalli. We all received invites from the Alumni portal group “Children Of Sathya Sai”. Unfortunately, since it was Onam day, I couldn’t attend it. That day was a total divine package for the attendees. Speeches by teachers, music program by students and in the end Discourse by Swami! That day was like a big day in the lives of the Alumni community. Swami changed the name from “Children Of Sathya Sai” to “Children For Sathya Sai”. Each and every individual there was totally convinced that it was Bhagawan speaking. It was then that, few of my friends and juniors called me up to tell that IT IS SWAMI! They said His discourse itself is the proof. The same one discourse provided answers to all the questions and apprehensions in the minds of the alumni who were gathered there – a typical aspect of every discourse by Swami. They told me that they have no doubt its Swami who is working through brother Madhusoodhan Rao Naidu.

Now to give you an idea of Madhusoodhan Rao Naidu

He was an alumnus of SSSIHL, Prashanti Nilayam. An MBA Gold-medalist! An excellent dramatist. His younger brother Hanumantha Rao Naidu (Hanu Sir), was a teacher at SSSIHL, PSN Campus recently in the Dept. of Mathematics. Madhusoodhan brother has had amazing experiences in his life, some of them are quite famous that one of them was even depicted in a drama staged by Alumni in Kulwant Hall during the Annual Alumni Meet at Parthi few years back. The story was that he had decided to attend to some sai seva activity instead of attending to some important office work. Apparently, Swami took his form and HE attended the office meeting and got the work done! Madhu brother was shocked when he got back to office only to know that Swami came in His form to get the work done. He couldn’t be more grateful to Swami that he decided to spend enough time from his schedule then on towards Swami’s work too. Gradually, he started getting dreams of Bhagawan wherein Swami used Madhu brother as an instrument to get HIS work done. Swami’s hospital at Raipur stands as a testimonial to this, where Madhu brother as well as another senior alumnus and an old time devotee Sri. C Srinivas – both were instrumental in establishing the hospital. Madhu brother, BTW, has done his share of Sadhana to enjoy this divine grace. I got to know from an authentic source that Swami had one asked to BEG and EAT for few days. Swami asked him not to cook or go to hotel. He simply followed Bhagawan’s command and he begged on the streets of North India for DAYS together to just satiate his hunger. With all these credentials, Swami blessed him with the vision of HIS Divine Form. And it is being called as the ‘Sukshma Rupa” of Bhagawan.

So how it all happens now?

A question that arises in everyone’s mind.* The answer is simple! It all happens the same way it used to happen before. Swami grants Sambhashan! Probably not Darshan and Sparshan. This isn’t like some magic or soul-entering-another-body stuff. Since Swami isn’t visible to others, Madhusoodhan brother speaks for Swami in his own voice, and not in Swami’s voice. He indicates, advises, guides and instructs devotees, authorities, teachers and students on Swami’s behalf. And even when he does that, he would be holding Swami’s hands or looking at Swami. Madhusoodhan brother is nothing but another form boy. Swami uses him as a medium to communicate to the world now. And yeah, it is above and much beyond our imagination. But its true! But you need to experience it to believe it. You would truly understand when you are in the presence of God and when you are not! So whenever I say Swami/HE/Madhu brother spoke or indicated, its actually Madhusoodhan brother speaking for Swami – speaking the exact words of Swami!

How I got to know of this?

I got a call on the 24th October (Friday) from one of our parthi MBA junior who was also my junior in Muddenahalli. He was very excited even when he said Hello! He informed me about the interview sessions that Swami was granting to the alumni of Muddenahalli and Alike campuses. He himself had attended such a session just the previous weekend (18th and 19th Oct). He said its all Swami speaking. He told me that the things which Swami reveals during the interview, no one can ever do that. Its not possible to blurt out what’s there in your heart and shower so much of love. He urged me to pre-register for the session as Bhagawan may not continue these interview sessions from the next weekend till the birthday celebrations. Now, I was so thrilled. He gave me the contact of one alumni brother who is in-charge of organizing this. I called him and he asked me to come on the 25th morning by 10.

So what happened this weekend (25th and 26th Oct)?

I was very excited. I reached Muddenahalli on Saturday (25th) morning 9.30. They have us all a good accommodation. There is special guest quarters Swami had got built for the sake of devotees and guests. Swami has even instructed the authorities to build one more such complex for accommodating the increased crowd in the months to come. Anyway I freshened up and got ready for briefing by the teachers. We had a very nice session wherein Sri Narayana Rao Garu (Secretary, Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust), Sri Manjunatha Bhat sir (Director, SSSIHL, Muddenahalli Campus) and Sri Kamath sir (the Warden whom we call fondly Kamanth anna) – they all spoke on what was the importance of this Sukshma Rupa of Bhagawan and why this form in the first place, as well as why muddenahalli! All three spoke with so much conviction and reasoning. Unfotunately, I am not able to re-collect all of them. But there are several instances and experiences from Bhagawan’s interactions with Muddenahalli teachers in the last two decades, where HE directly and indirectly hinted them that Muddenahalli is where HE would spend the last 10 years of HIS life. Swami’s nadi also stated that the last 10 years of his life would be spent on a hill station kind of place. There was another story about how Swami had mentioned to some devotee that HE would spend last few years of HIS life on a hill-top. So in 2011 February, two months before HE left his mortal coil, Swami gave a surprise visit to the Hanuman Hill-top in Hill View Stadium. I still remember that day! The very next day, we heard that Swami was planning to move to Hanuman hill-top sometime and that Swami is planning to build a very magnificent bungalow next to the 65 feet Hanuman statue! We were all wondering, why Swami would suddenly want to change his residence when Yajur Mandir had the best facilities. Later, we heard that Swami wanted to move to the hill top only because he may not be able to grant darshan to all seated in the Kulwant Hall, but he could grant Darshan to multitude of people at one-go from the Hill top! And that made sense because Swami had also mentioned in a lot of discourses that a time would come when we will be able to see him just as a dot, due to the increasing number of devotees coming to Parthi. Little did we comprehend that by hill-top HE meant Muddenahalli! There are lots of such dots to connect! But more on some other occasion!!

After all the speeches got over, we were so eager to experience this for ourselves. They instructed us to be present in Prem Deep (Swami’s mandir in Muddenahalli) by 3.30 pm for bhajans followed by Swami’s discourse and interview sessions. Swami ‘came out’ of HIS room at around 5 pm. Madhusoodhan brother indicated us to start bhajans. Four bhajans were sung. Swami gave me too a chance to sing. Swami came downstairs through the lift. There were a set of ‘duty boys’ ready to serve HIM, for opening the lift door, getting water, for adjusting the mike, for offering prasadam and for gently rocking HIS swinging chair! I was very observant when all this was going on and I was bowled over the discipline and love that was evident during all this. It was like re-living the Parthi days. There was no difference at all – except for HIS form! HE (Madhusoodhan brother) indicates to stop bhajans after the fourth bhajan got over. HE indicated Kamath Sir to speak a few words. Kamath sir is one Tyaga Jeevi whom every Muddenahalli student looks up for. He’s an amazing singer, composer, actor, dramatist, harmonium player, inspiring teacher as well as an orator. He was surprised on Swami’s impromptu decision as it was expected to be Swami’s discourse alone after the bhajans. He wasn’t prepared to speak. Yet, he went up to the Swinging chair, took Swami’s blessings, then went up to Madhusoodhan brother and asked him how much time he’s supposed to speak. Madhusoodhan brother asked Swami and Swami replied “10 mins”. Kamath sir’s 10 minute speech rose our expectations about the remaining part of the evening’s programs. Swami indicated Narasimha Murthy to speak. Murthy sir spoke for another 20 mins about the impending divine journey that we all were about to embark on. This was followed by the much-awaited discourse by Bhagawan.

Just 5 mins before HIS discourse started, it had started raining quite heavily. Prem Deep Hall had 3 main doors which were all open and the rains were quite louder too. We all were eager as to how its all going to happen as it was first time for most of us. Madhusoodhan brother got up from his seat, came over to the podium. Narasimha Murthy sir was standing near the ladies side podium for translating the discourse. Madhu brother indicated to the boys who were swinging Bhagawan’s chair to stop swinging. He was looking at the chair for few seconds and finally started off the discourse by mentioning about the rain. The words, the spontaneity, the situational anecdotes, the light jokes, the profundity of the message and the language used – it was all Swami’s! I was thrilled after the first 5 mins of HIS discourse. Those who have listened to Swami’s discourses would definitely realise his signature style, how he changes topic from topic, how he repeats some words again, how he pauses in between, how he stresses on some words, and when he uses english words or quotes, etc… Some of them were in tears at the end of the 45 mins discourse. Swami, out of HIS love, also said that since we have all come from far distance, we would be tired, so HE would grant us all interviews the next day (Sunday) morning. He asked us to be present by 9.30 in Prem Deep for interviews. He assured that HE would grant interviews to all without any doubt. He would grant interviews for families separately and bachelors separately. He also said that on Sunday evening, there will be a music program. Then he asked “Is any body wanting to speak tomorrow evening?” Bharani Prasad and one more junior raised their hands. Swami then indicated Bharani to speak.

And now I was very keen to know how Swami would end his discourse with a bhajan? Is Madhusoodhan brother going to sing for Swami? 🙂 The moment that thought flashed, Madhu brother indicated Kamath sir to sing “Prema Mudita”. It was a great rendition. During the second speed, the last line is repeated and it enters the third speed with the lines “Rama Rama Ram, Rama Rama Ram”. Now I was eager when will Kamath sir know when to stop the bhajan. 😉 Again, it was a momentary glance indicated by Madhu brother to stop! I couldn’t find any flaw with the whole experience – I should confess! It was just like those good old days. Nothing had changed except for the form of Bhagawan!

That evening, we all were requested to finish our dinner by 8.15 pm and assemble at the Auditorium building for the song practice for next day’s music program. Meanwhile, I spoke with Kamath sir to get ready for the music program. Our junior Sunil Mahadev was there luckily to help us in terms of arranging Vandana books and getting the instruments. He had interview with Swami just the previous weekend. We decided to sing Humko Tumse Pyaar Kitna and one telugu song. Everyone including alumni brothers, their spouses, their children – we all practiced the songs till 10 pm. Meanwhile, Bharani sat down to pen down his thoughts for the speech.


On the 26th, Sunday, we had a vibrant nagarsankeertan session at 5.15 am. By 6.15 it got over and we were asked to have our breakfast by 8.15 am and be present in Prem Deep by 8.30 am. Our hearts were definitely pounding faster than ever before! For most of them it was a first time interaction with Swami. For some of us, it was a dream come true. I always had this wish in my heart to have at least one interview with Swami. We all waited outside the Prem Deep main hall. The interviews were supposed to happen in the room next to Swami’s bedroom upstairs. It was like a Medical camp, where patients were waiting outside the doctor’s office!! There were chairs for us to sit on and we were given refreshments once in a while. They had divided us to 9 batches the previous night. 7 of them being family batches and 2 of them were bachelors. Each batch had almost 8-10 people. There were seniors and classmates of mine from Muddenahalli who later studied in Parthi too, who were present with their families. So we were most eager as we always would tend to compare with our experience at Parthi. Swami took 45 mins with the first batch. They all came out with tears of joy and gratitude! It was like a typical job interview, we all flocked around them and asked “So what all did Swami ask? What did he tell you?” Some of them were blessed with rings and bracelets! Ah, yet again point I missed out! Whenever Swami wanted to give someone a gift like this, it would just appear in Madhusoodhan brother’s pocket, and Madhu brother just hands it over to the person! Again, a lot of people cry foul about this! My sympathies with them, for, they too concentrate on the creation rather than the creator.

Anyways, mine was the last batch!! The 9th batch! So some of us had plenty time to speak to people who have already experienced this. To my surprise, I saw one of the senior alumni band leader there!! We were all part of the Rhythmic Energy group. I enquired about his visit and he said Swami had sent word through Madhusoodhan brother that HE would grant him an interview. I told him that even we were called for interview with Bhagawan. He said that this was his fourth interview with Bhagawan in HIS Sukshma Rupa. He went onto narrate his own experiences which was so thrilling!! Meanwhile, we got a message that Swami would be continuing HIS interviews even post-lunch since he’s taking more time per batch. It seems he spoke to each and every individual (without any exception). First he spoke to every individual one-by-one and again a second round of conversation with each of them. By then, HE had completed 5 batches of interviews back to back without any rest. I was still conversing with our band brother and all of a sudden, someone comes running from inside the Mandir saying “Swami is asking for two boys who came from Parthi”. The band brother had come with another alumnus from Parthi. They were surprised as they never informed anyone that they had been called by Swami. They had just come some 15 mins back.

At 12.30, all of us assembled inside the Prem Deep Hall where the dining session with Swami was arranged! I should confess that I was so impressed with the way we were treated throughout those two days! They treated us like kings. By they I mean the students who did not go to their homes for holidays and instead stayed back to serve Swami. Even when interviews were going on upstairs, they arranged everything without a noise. They asked people who have not had their interviews to dine first so that post-lunch they would not be late. They had arranged some chairs and tables for people who can’t sit down and rest of us sat down. That was probably the first time, I did not care for the meal!! I almost forgot how it tasted. But all I remember is how we eagerly waited for Bhagawan to join us while dining. He came downstairs, asked us to start Brahmarpanam. Meanwhile, I was observing how Swami would be dining! Madhusoodhan brother was indicating to another ‘duty boy’ what to serve and how much to serve!! For me, it was definitely like re-living the Parthi days. In few mins, Swami started walking around and in between us after HIS lunch making comments on the food and people too! He asked the duty boys to get ice-cream cups! HE started giving ice-cream cups away by Himself! Each and every individual seated inside got ice-cream cup from Him. He joked around once in a while, which HE would always do during dining sessions. When HE gave cup to me, HE said “bhojanam tharavatha istaanu”! I was so happy because deep inside I was worried if we get a chance for interview or not as ours was the last batch. But HIS words gave me a re-assurance. Next to me was seated one of my seniors from Muddenahalli as well as Parthi. He was part of the maintenance team, a very silent but sincere guy. He is more than six feet tall – so much that people added a prefix ‘Lambu’ with his name. Swami gave him the cup and asked “You too studied here? Anyway what’s your height?” He was so in bliss!! Next to him was seated another senior again from Muddenahalli as well as Parthi. Swami stopped near him too and told him too “bhojanam tharavatha istaanu”! So now, we were all so sure that Swami would grant us interview after lunch.

Swami then went upstairs to the balcony and gave everyone a balcony darshan! By then almost everyone had completed their meal and gone for washing hands. Some 20 of us were still seated. Swami entered the main hall in the upstairs and looked down at us and said, “Eat slowly. Don’t hurry!” In 15 mins, the next batch for dining was ready again without disturbing Swami upstairs. I went upto the band brother meanwhile to enquire how his session go. He shared a lot of funny things. Towards the end, Bhagawan gifted him a Golden Bracelet. And he said “Swami has asked me to sing a song on Lord Shiva today evening along with you all”. He’s an amazing singer too. He was a Mandir singer as well as sang in “A Bridge Across Time” series too. Since there were four more batches to be interviewed before ours, we had a solid two hours to practice for evening song programme. We arranged for Tabla and Harmonium. We browsed through lot of Vandana songs. Practised some and made a list. It was already 4pm, still no sign of Swami calling us! Suddenly, we got a message from inside that Swami is asking the last two batches to come together for interview as they were all bachelors anyway. It was almost 4.30 when our chance turned up finally. We (20 of us) ‘rushed’ silently to the interview room upstairs.

The Divine Interview

The moment we stepped inside the interview room, we all came as close as we can to Swami’s chair. Madhu brother was seated next to Swami’s feet. All the conversation happens in Telugu btw.

Swami asked: How many people?
We replied: 20, Swami!
SSS: All bachelors huh?
We: Yes Swami.
SSS: Hey tall boy! What are you doing? (to the parthi senior)
He gave Swami all the details about his research and Swami enquired about
his research topic.

I was sitting at one corner almost next to Swami’s table. Again, I was just enjoying the bliss and just watching everyone’s eager faces. He asked one by one (without any exception) as to what we were doing? About our parents and all. Swami joked a lot about being 2-legged now, becoming 4-legged later and eventually 6-legged – talking about marriage. Madhu brother would exactly know whom to pick up from the whole lot of 20 people. I was the 5th or 6th guy he spoke to!

Swami asked me: Hey, you! What are you doing?
I replied: Swami, I am working as a financial analyst
SSS: Where?
Me: Swami, a private company in Bangalore.
SSS: How is the company?
Me: Good, Swami!
SSS: How is your work going?
Me: By Your grace, going good Swami.
SSS: Good! How many friends you there in Company.
(By now, I was sure something was coming up!! To everyone else he enquired about family and parents! To me, its different! Anyway I was all ready to get routed I knew! :D)
Me: Swami, 3-4 friends.
SSS: How are they all?
(And now I was sure!)
Me: Swami, they are all OK. (But they are not!)
SSS: (Turning to all) His friends are all ‘Shopping Mall friends’. They go to movies, drink coffee and spend all their money on that! They are all trying to change him.
And trust me brothers, that was an absolute truth! No one could have ever known that since I don’t post any pics on facebook about our hangouts. They drink, they smoke, they don’t even believe in the concept of God!!
Me: You are right Swami. Even I feel suffocated in their presence. But since we all work together being part of same team, I am not able to come out of their company. Swami, please guide me as to what to do and how to do.
SSS: Its simple, next time you invite them to come with you for bhajans or satsang programme! And wait for their reply, they would say that they don’t like bhajans or satsang. They would say its a waste of time and its boring! So next time, when they invite you to come to shopping mall, you reply in the same way – that shopping malls are boring and a waste of time! Let them not change you, but you have to change them! The value you have imbibed from this place, should benefit you. You should always stick to your values whatever happens. Don’t let them influence you!!
Me: Sure Swami. I will do that!
SSS: Good! Instead of going to malls or movies on Saturday and Sunday, why don’t you come here and take classes for our boys here. Engage seva on weekends. Don’t waste time sitting at home.
Me: Sure Swami, I will do that. I am already engaged in few seva activities.
SSS: But that is not enough. Engage in more seva. Spend your weekends fruitfully.
Me: Sure Swami!

That was the first round of conversation. Swami interacted with each and every individual for almost 5-10 mins. And 20 of us were present. It took him almost an hour! To some of them, he gave a clear cut path in terms of jobs, marriage, health, studies, research, etc… Some were asked to come for interview again after 3 months, one year, two years, etc… Since there was a program planned and all were seated in the main prayer hall downstairs, Swami did not give us a second round of chance. Immediately, all of us prayed to Swami if we could come with our families for interview again. Since he was giving interview only once, we wanted to pray if HE is ready to grant interviews to our family members too. Swami said “First, you get your families here for Birthday celebrations and I would let you all know when I will give interviews again. But surely not before birthday. Post-December I will start giving interviews again.” The best part about all these was we could make out its Swami speaking! Because Swami always speaks to students differently during a public discourse and during a personal interview!

Ours was the ONLY batch which kept on ‘bugging’ Swami with more questions till the very end. He said its enough and that he would speak to us with our family again. But still some of them kept asking a lot of questions that Swami had to finally get up! We waited till he left the interview room. He granted us all padanamaskar and gave us all a Vibhuti packet and Hersheys chocolate bar! When He was about to leave the room, HE called “Tall boy, come here. Our senior brother then came from behind Swami and knelt down. Swami asked him to complete his research first and then come for another interview. He assured him that HE would say what to do next. In a moment, Madhusoodhan brother took out a ring from his pocket and gifted it to this senior brother. He was in total tears later, he told me this was the 2nd time that Swami was speaking to him even after being in Parthi for 7-8 long years.

Post-Interview session

Swami came out of interview room and instructed us to settle down in the main hall downstairs where all are seated. I joined the Music group. Swami came down at around 6.15 pm, and indicated us to start bhajans. After the first two bhajans, Swami indicated the band brother from Parthi to sing. He sang “Om Namah Shivaya” – beautiful song which has been sung in HIS divine presence several times by alumni brothers. It was such a magical experience I should say! We thought we would never get to experience that bliss again, but here we were enjoying the same Divine Love. After the song, Swami asked for the alumni speaker! We all were quite surprised. Since it was very late already, we thought Swami would end the program soon! But as they say God’s delays are not His denials. Brother Bharani Prasad got up to speak. Took Swami’s blessings and spoke very beautifully on how Swami moulds His students and sometimes when we think we don’t deserve all this, still HE gives and gives, never to ask anything in return. He ended his talk with a bhajan. Next, Kamath sir spoke followed by Narasimha Murthy sir’s talk. Both of them stressed on the compassion of Swami for having spent almost whole day with us all from morning 9 to evening 6 without any rest. It was already 6.45 pm when Murthy sir ended his talk. Swami blessed us all once again with His divine discourse.

He said its HIS pure love that sustains it all. He said HE is always complete even if you are present or even if we are absent. He says nothing can stop HIS will ever. He said without any reservations that *students from Muddenahalli, Puttaparthi, Brindavan, Alike, Gulbarga or Mandya – all are HIS children! And he would grant interviews to them all. He said that this is NOT for Muddenahalli and Alike alumni alone. *Swami shared an instance wherein a long time foreigner devotee asked HIM* “Swami, where should I visit you now? Puttaparthi or Muddenahalli?”. *Pat came HIS reply* “You go to Puttaparthi and then visit me here too!”. He said the doors are always open for all to come and immerse in HIS love!* He then commented on funny it was how students will always remain students – referring to our last batch (the bachelors batch) where we did not allow Swami to stop the interview and finally Swami had to come out of interview room by Himself! He paused and asked “Where is the gang leader?” – referring to the alumni in-charge of collecting names.

He told him “The ideal number is 45 people in total for interview sessions. Today it became more in number and it became late (7.30 pm). The lesser the number of people the more I can spend time with them. The more they are in number, the less time I get to spend with them. I want all of you to come for birthday celebrations at Muddenahalli with your families. There will be no more interviews for now till birthday. I will continue granting interviews from December. Anybody is welcome here. You need not ask my permission, but you will need Narasimha Murthy’s permission!”. Everyone started laughing!! He indicated the duty boys to get gifts for all alumni and then prasadam to all. The gift was a small prize kind of thing with a golden coin wherein Swami’s image is engraved and laminated. He said we need to install this image of Swami’s in our hearts as well. He then said he will not speak for long as its already late and the next day the school re-opens. So he did not want the regular schedule to get affected. At the end of the discourse, he asked for Arati to be offered. During Arati, he walked in the path in between collecting letters and talking to someone here and there. He went upstairs after the Arati again to the interview room to grant interviews for the students of Sri Sathya Sai Center for Human Excellence. Swami speaks to them almost daily!!

Meanwhile, we were all in the hangover of the blissful and divine moments that we experienced for the last two days!! We weren’t wanting to go back! But then, we didn’t have an option but to leave with a heavy heart.

At the end, I have only this one thing to say – It is happening whether we believe it or not! It is going to continue whether we believe it or not! Swami categorically stated why HE had to leave his mortal coil and why He had to assume this Sukshma Rupa. This form is going to be the way it is for next 9-10 years! That’s all. He is all available to guide and instruct us only for the next few years. We could sit back and analyse, or step up and experience! The choice is ours. Either way, we will be the one to gain or lose. Swami NEVER EVER said he is there in Muddenahalli alone! Its His Sukhma Rupa which is currently resided in Muddenahalli! In fact, Swami again and again stated that Puttaparthi is as sacred as Muddenahalli. It was nothing but the materialisation of His Sankalpa and His nadi writings coming true! Unfortunately, ‘people’ started posting videos wherein Swami states in HIS discourses about Fake claims about materialisation, fake babas and so on… The catch here is the same people who post these videos, have posted publicly in facebook about materialisations of Vibhuti and Kumkum at their own homes! So why this hypocrisy then? If it happens to them its a miracle, if it happens to others its all fake! To such people, my only advice is EXPERIENCE BEFORE YOU COMMENT

The rush to Muddenahalli is only going to increase in the next one month! And I would appeal to all of you to go experience for yourself to realize the truth and immerse in this divine experience! When the whole lot there is experiencing this divine bliss, why we should be the ones to crib out it and lose our minds! 🙂

So those Divine Days are back. Just enjoy them!

(P.S. I am not paid by Muddenahalli nor given special attention for doing this! But it was just Swami’s words in the discourse that made me write in such a detail. He said “Share this love with all. Let everyone enjoy this bliss as not everyone will be able to come to Muddenahalli! Spread this joy with others as well”)


Gautham Narendran,
Alumus of:
Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Pre-University College, Muddenahalli – Pre-University Education
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prashanti Nilayam – B.A (Hons. in Economics), M.A (Economics), MBA (General)

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