God is in the small things – by Bharani Prasad M. S.

Dear All,

A lot has been spoken about the recent incidents that are happening in Muddenahalli. After reading the Kodai transcripts even I was convinced that Swami is very much there and working through all of us. This is a historic moment in the life of an avatar. In the recent discourses swami has categorically said that only 20% of his mission was completed in the physical form and the remaining 80% of his mission would be completed in his Sukshma Rupam in 11 years. 3 years have already passed and we have just 8 years left. Its upto us to decide whether we want to be part of this mission or not.

Now what is HIS mission?

He has said that he is going to establish 30 schools in each and every district of Karnataka(this was the dream of Madiyal Narayan Bhat- founder of Alike and Muddenahalli) and 7 hospitals in 7 years including a free hospital in US. If we think that this is his mission, then we are really mistaken. Someone asked swami recently- “Swami why is it that you are seen only to a select few and not others”. He replied- “For 85 years I undertook the task of teaching you all the simple rules of life, some followed but a large majority forgot the message and got stuck to the form. Now I have the supreme task of making sure that each one of you follow my message. If each one of you start following my message then I will manifest in front of you”. Wow!!. Swami is really a tough taskmaster. Transforming human beings to divine beings was his primary mission and that is exactly what he is doing now. In this context his message becomes more important. Where do these schools and hospitals fit in in this process of making man a divine being?  Swami has said “I am spending crores of rupees on these institutions not to spread education or heal people, its just to give you all an opportunity to come and light the lamps of love and spread that light to a thousand other lamps. I think the observation I have made in the past few days is that a large section of people have started taking his message seriously and are of the belief “I’ll do everything possible from my side to see and experience Swami in front of me”

Even I had the firm conviction to put into practice swami’s teaching in my everyday life. But i failed miserably. A building without a strong foundation is nothing but a castle in the air. Now what is the foundation required for us to practice his teachings and not get swayed by the winds of the world. Its HIS LOVE. All of us have been touched by his pure love and whatever changes we have made in ourselves is not because swami asked us to do it but it was in response to his LOVE.

25th and 27th Oct- Premadhaara (Stream of Love) event at Muddenahalli

This was an opportunity to soak in HIS LOVE again. Ever since the Kodai trip Swami has been very actively giving discourses to small groups and even interviews for a select few. On Sept 7th there was an alumni meet of Alike and Muddenahalli where Swami gave his first ever Public Discourse in his subtle form and in that he mentioned that he would talk to the alumni individually if they came in small groups. One such session happened during 18-19th Oct and I heard stories of how everyone who went in came out with tears of joy. I was travelling home for Diwali and also to spend time with my dad as he had been recently hospitalized for a week. I randomly called my brother in law to know what is happening in Muddenahalli. He mentioned about this event and I immediately called and enrolled for the 25-26th event. I had this constant Dharm Sankat- I’ll be in B’lore for 3 days and if I spend 2 days in Muddenahalli, I would have no time to spend with my dad. But deep within I knew i couldnt miss this event. I prayed to Swami to get me out of this Dharm Sankat.

I reached Muddenahalli early on Sat morning and our day was well planned. We had a series of talks and a documentary about the new schools was played in the end.Afternoon we all reached Prema Deep(Lamp of Love and Swami’s residence) and we all waited for Swami to come down. Swami came at around 5pm and sat on the Jhoola and in his signature style asked Yemi Programme(What Programme)??. There was no programme planned and swami signalled Kamathanna to speak. Next to speak was BN Sir. Finally swami gave his discourse which was  in chaste telugu. It was raining heavily and he said- “When it rains, all the water that comes down goes back to the ocean- we see this and also believe it but the ocean water gets evaporated and forms the rain clouds-this no one sees but still we believe it. In the same way Physical body is like the rain water going back to the ocean and Subtle Body is like ocean water getting evaporated to form rain clouds:. Wow!!!!..This was signature swami style. The talk got over and he said he would talk to each on us present there along with the families. In the end he asked us to sing Prema Mudita. Just before retiring for the day he asked- Who is speaking tomorrow? I instinctively raised my hand and Swami said- “Nuvvu Maathadu(You speak)” .

I immediately called my parents and forced them to come next day. They have never experienced swami before and the only impression that they have is that he  has done great social service. We were in the third batch along with my Brother- In law’s family. When we were called up, my heart started beating at an abnormal speed (as it happens usually). We all took padanamaskar and we were seated around swami. It was a 30 min interview and there were 4 families. Swami started talking to each familymember” and when it was my turn he asked-

Me– Swami Dad’s health is not keeping well.

Swami– Yes I know, because of stress. why are you worrying so much about work. I know what is in your mind. You feel that you shouldnt be a burden to your kids. But why are u thinking like that- You have come from a small family, struggled so hard and brought up your kids. Both sons are well settled now. Take your worldly duties lightly. Go to America next year and spend time with your elderson and daughter in law.Involve yourself in satsang and seva. Son and daughter in law are very good. I’ll bless you with a grandchild also. I have given you sons like Rama and Lakshmana- they will take care of you. Dont worry. Now its their turn to do seva.

(This is exactly the reason why my dad was hospitalized a few weeks back and my dad, after listening to swami just didnt have anywords to say. As swami was talking my dad had just two words on his lips- “Yes Swami Yes Swami”. 

Swami Your mom cooks very well. She is a rasam specialist(Rasam is one of my fav items among the dishes that my mom makes), but no use, she has not kept even one day for me.

Swami so beautifully sowed the seed of Seva in them and I was so grateful to him. He spoke to me about my career and what I should do and gave beautiful anecdotes from Mahabharata and Ramayana to drive home the point. What was stunning was how he divided his attention to all the families present there and made sure that each one feels special.He gave us vibhuti prasadam and chocolate bars and so lovingly said “Still there are a lot of groups waiting- Go down, I’ll come for lunch”.I took his blessings for the evening talk and he asked- “What are you going to speak? I said – “Swami please bless me to speak on your Love”. He beautifully replied – “My love can never be explained, it can only be experienced. Talk about your experiences.”

What swami did during lunch time was something that I will treasure throughout my life. It was decided that those who had finished interviews will sit for lunch in the second round and those whose interviews were in the afternoon sat first. Swami came down in the lift sat on his chair for a while, tasted a few items and got up to distribute ice creams to each one of them sitting. As he was going round the the lines he was joking, asking names, asking how many puris they had, etc. I was looking at this from the window and kept wondering whether swami would distribute ice creams for the second group as well. The sight of food got me excited and my stomach started making loud noises. A thought rose- How nice it would be to receive  an ice cream from swami himself. As this thought came, Swami came out from the main door and started talking to the serving boys. I was in the second line just looking at swami. You wont believe what swami did. He called me and gave me a cup of ice cream and later on said- “One now and one after lunch”. There were atleast ten boys standing around me but why was I chosen for the ice cream. Wow!!.. God is in the small things. All of us treasure the smallest things swami has done and this was one of them that I will treasure all through my life. The love, concern and karuna was all the same. He went to the ladies section and said to a lady- ” You are eating now!! Your husband has already eaten, Dont trust him”. Everyone sitting around laughed. That moment I felt that the golden days are back. Experiences are the same its just that the location and people are different. A few had the prapthi of experiencing him at the physical form and now he is giving the same chance to a different set of people. We all should be so happy that swami is back again instead of trying to understand where, why, what and how.

Swami’s love is that of a thousand mothers. He had given interviews to families and bachelors from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm and  after that he agreed to come down for the programme and also give the discourse. He again asked Kamathanna to speak and after that he asked me to speak. I shared the  experiences I had with swami when he was physically there and also how he saved my life during the 2012 sports meet. I also said how we are all so lucky to experience swami in this form. It had always been my secret wish to sing in front of swami for swami. The day I got my name enrolled for this programme- I started practicing the bhajan Devi Bhavani Maa….Sai Bhavani Maa… But on that day I was fed with two ice creams by Swami and my voice had cracked but I was very desperate to sing and towards the end of the talk- I prayed to swami to permit me to sing a few lines for him and he so graciously did. I started on a low pitch and it went

Devi Bhavani maa…. Sai bhavani maa

Devi bhavani maa…..Sai Bhavani maa

Daya karo sai maa….Kripa karo sai maa..

After kripa karo sai maa…swami asked me to stop. I was crushed. I dont even remember if I took padanamaskar. I went on a guilt trip. I knew my throat had gone bad but still I had the audacity to sing. I was thinking that swami didnt like my voice. I really felt very bad and went back to my seat. My friends Gautham and Agyea were sitting next to me and both of them said- “Abbey thank god swami asked you to stop. You would have definitely cracked if you had sung the next line which was in a high pitch”. Its only then did I realize that Swami asked me to stop not because of my voice but he wanted to avert the embarrassment  if I had taken the high pitch and cracked. How can I ever express my gratitude to this loving act of our lord.

Friends- Swami is very much there and these small acts are enough proof for me to know that our most compassionate lord is back again with us.The golden days are back. He filled me with so much LOVE that I now feel confident to practice his teachings in my everyday life. I just pray to him to give me the strength to think of him always.

Did I miss something?. You might be wondering how did this all happen, How were the messages being interpreted, who was doing it, what do you mean by swami distributed the ice creams??,etc. I ask the question- How does it matter???????… All that mattered was I was soaked in LOVE for two full days and I feel divinely confident to spread this love to the world. Swami in his discourse asked us only one thing and it was


Today you are all sitting in Prem Deep (Swami’s residence, lamp of love). Having come to Prem Deep, you should light the lamp of love in your hearts. Its not just enough if you light it. A lighted lamp can light a thousand other lamps. Light the lamp of love in a thousand hearts. I will be very happy if you do this . What a beautiful message!!!

Jai Sai Ram

Bharani Prasad
(Alumnus of Alike-PUC-2004-06 and Parthi: MBA- 2010-12)

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