My experience with subtle form of Swami – by Dr. Suresha Kodapala

Sai Ram, 

In September 2014, I along with few alumni friends came to Muddenahalli to attend COSS annual meeting. Murthy Anna had announced that Swami will be addressing the alumni. I was curious to say the least. The whole thing was new to me.

I was fascinated, pleasantly surprised and was stunned to hear a talk which was identical to Swami’s speech (in the physical body) in humor, delivery of message, style, stories and simplicity. 4-5 times flowers dropped from the otherwise nicely tucked flower decoration. Swami had said that he will call alumni along with the family for interviews at a later date.

I didn’t volunteer when the message came to forward the names for the interview since I wasn’t cent percent sure. Then, I spoke to couple of alumni who had the interview and listened to their experiences which increased my craving to experience further. I spoke to my wife regarding all of these and we came for the birthday function on November 23, 2014 evening. After listening to Swami’s talk, my better half told me that it has to be none other than Swami.

Following this, Murthy Anna indicated me to come on 30th of November 2014 when Swami hosted lunch for the alumni who had rendered service during the birthday celebration. I have never met Bro Madhusudan Naidu before. Swami called me as “mental doctor” couple of times and I told him that I am a Neurologist; he continues to call me as mental doctor, however. He also spoke to my family during lunch and enquired about my job, my son’s education etc.

Swami called me on January 04, 2015 for a meeting with all the elders of Alike and Muddenahalli. Swami spoke about Madiyala Narayana Bhat -ANNA and the Loka Seva Trust at length and recollected the events which only few of the elders were aware of. His main thrust was unity amongst everyone and how he will accomplish the vision of Madiyala Narayana Bhat and all the elders will be around to witness that.

Swami blessed us with a family interview on 11th January 2015. He started with our son and enquired in detail about his education and the future plans. Then, he advised me to change the job and answered few queries I had. Then, he spoke to my better half. That way, he made all of us happy.

Afterwards, he instructed me to get all the alumni to Alike on Ugadi day (March 21, 2015). Since then, periodically, he has been guiding me on various things.

In brief, this whole experience is new and unique and I have not heard of such phenomenon. I am a changed and more contented man. Swami’s stress is on selfless service and love for our own benefit and betterment! He wants the alumni to take responsibility of the institutions in various capacities. He has repeatedly said that “if you do my work to the best of your ability, I will be doing your work and it will be perfect”. “e1e1” project is a classic example of Swami’s unique and noble ideas to fund education. Through this, everyone involved i.e. pupils, alumni, staff of the school will go through the experience of love, sacrifice, service and commitment to the wellbeing of the society. I urge everyone to experience themselves before it is too late.

Dr. Suresha Kodapala

Alumnus [1976-1981], Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Institution, Alike.

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