Thrilling experience at Muddenahalli – by S. Subramanian

*(Statutory Warning:* This mail intends to uncover some mysteries and some unwanted controversial intellectual debates based on pure rumours. I am here to narrate the divine experience that some of us were blessed with during this weekend. It is my personal view and I am sure that this view would be endorsed by those who were granted interviews by Bhagawan on the 19th and 26th of October in Muddenahalli!!) *Also, this is REALLY lengthy! If you are patient enough to read the whole thing, I promise that at the end, you would thank yourselves for reading this. You are free to share it or discard it! * *But remember please do not unnecessarily comment without experiencing by yourself first at Muddenahalli.*

Sairam Dear all,

Greetings and Loving Sairam, Hope you all are doing good at your respective personal and professional life. Today I am happy to share with you some of my experiences that our dearest Sai blessed me with last weekend in Muddenahalli- a day I can never forget. Till date we came across many mails speaking about the resurrection of Sai, dreams of many devotees, predictions etc etc. But what I and other Sai brothers experienced last weekend was thrilling and we were in the cloud nine. This is where I realized that it is utter foolish to understand Him but the crux lies in experiencing His divine leela and prema pravah that He is pouring on all of us. To give you all a snippets of what is going around the air is that Swami has taken Sukshma Swaroopa (the meaning of this term is explained in detail later) and has chosen Muddenahalli as His residence for the next 8 years. This news came to limelight when Swami took a bunch of devotees, students and teachers along with Him to Kodai. Swami, at Kodai in His Sukshma roopa gave discourse to all present there this went viral in social networking sites.
(The transcripts of the discourses and also a letter written by Issac Tigrett who was part of the Kodai trip also attached, the link to the photos of the Kodaikanal Trip given below).

Immediately after the Kodai trip Swami visited Singapore and UK and addressed the devotees there (You will certainly have a doubt in your mind how did our beloved Sai did this; may be you need to read the full mail to unravel this mystery) and inspired and instilled a strong faith in them on the existence of Sukshma roopa Sai. After the foreign trip Swami called for all the alumni of Muddenahalli and Alike with their families for one to one interaction. The first batch of the alumni who had the blessing to be called by Him was 40 in numbers, this event took place on 18th and 19th of this month. The word of mouth spread across and reached me too (though not directly but through a teacher who called me to M’halli for service activity). I had no clue whatsoever what is happening at M’halli. But I had total belief, faith and trust on my teacher who called me, because it is the teachers of M’halli who made me whatever I am little today. Also the same week one of M’halli classmates called me over phone to share his experience about his interview. That conversation blew me off. I prepared myself for the weekend as we use to do when we got a chance to meet Swami in Parthi. When I reached M’Halli, I met the teacher who had called me. He rushed me to the registration desk to inquire if this boy could be accommodated in the second batch. (Swami’s ways are incomprehensible, though it was compulsory to pre-register, He gave a chance through this teacher). I was told to be ready by 3:30 for the darshan. For Rest of the details I will request you to kindly read a mail given below written by one of the Sai brothers who was blessed by swami with an interview with me. Before I close, I would like say that I could experience the good old days of Prashanthi where Swami use to talk to each and every one and call for interview. I would suggest you to kindly come over here for this B day celebration and experience the same. This is not to prove about Swami’s existence in Sukshma Swaroopa, but to spread His love to each and every individual possible. Think over it and act accordingly as at the end He is our mother. Thank you enjoy reading the details. I will update you on this end regularly if you all are interested.

S. Subramanian
[Alumnus of Muddenahalli-P.U.C(2004) and Puttaparthi-B.A., M.A., MPhil(2004-2010)]

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