A Proud day for the Gulbarga campus

October 23, 2016 will always be a special day in the history of the Sri Sathya Sai Vidyaniketanam Campus in Gulbarga

During the recent Alumni Campus Connect in the Gulbarga Campus,  a large group of alumni who had graduated from the Gulbarga campus during the last 2 years were also part of the weekend. Their youthful enthusiasm and involvement in their campus was quite inspiring. But nobody had expected what these young men had planned that weekend! On the day of the main program, the Chairman of the campus Sri Govind Reddy, came on to the stage holding a letter and announced that the Gulbarga alumni had something special to share. What followed next was awe inspiring! Two former students of the campus shared with the gathering that the two batches of students who had passed out of the portals of the Gulbarga campus had saved and pooled together some money  from their pocket expenses and wanted to give it to the institution towards the education of one student as part of the Each One Educate One (e1e1) program. The pride on the faces of the Chaiman and staff of the campus was quite evident. These students who had not yet started earning did not want to wait for another few years before being able to participate and contribute to the institution.

This wonderful gesture by these youngsters left everyone very inspired and those gathered there that day felt they had a glimpse of the future where they saw Swami’s words come true when He had said, while in His physical form, that His students would take His mission forward.  Let us all congratulate these youngsters and pray that Swami bless these special souls with His choicest blessings on them. Congratulations to the Gulbarga campus and its staff for producing such young men!

(The Right corner picture shows the students offering their first e1e1 contribution at the divine lotus feet)