Alumnae conduct the ‘First Connect’ session for the Jayapura campus graduating girls

On the 13th of January, 2017, some of the alumnae met this year’s outgoing batch of the Jayapura campus. In spite of a very busy schedule due to sports practices we interacted with them for little more than an hour in the evening in the Paata Mandiram.

The session started with a formal introduction of the alumnae to the girls and to the Head Mistress Madam who was present.

  1. The motive behind arranging this session was mentioned apart from giving the girls a bird’s eye-view of Swami’s concept of E1E1.
  2. A small road-map was given as to how they could reciprocate their gratitude to the Lord by having their Campus connect, apart from following His principles.
  3. Faith in Swami, fearlessness – developing the ability to encounter challenges in life and march forward, reaching out to the Alumnae for help, following the Code of Conduct befitting a Sai Student were discussed.
  4. Through glimpses of personal experiences, following Swami’s quintessential principles of Love and Service were also talked about.
  5. Their immense fortune of being a hand-picked SAI STUDENT and the necessity of their involvement with the alumnae cell in the Jayapura campus and also with the Jayapura campus per se after they pass out were the other topics that were voiced out.

The session gained momentum as the girls sang a small song for SWAMI and towards the end a very interesting quiz on the life of Bhagawan was conducted. With a lot of enthusiasm, all the girls were active participants of the quiz and they answered all the questions much to our awe and happiness.

Swami’s photo, a few snacks and a small chit containing SWAMI’s message to each of them were given at the end of the meeting.

Since the Head Mistress of Jayapura Campus was around during this session, it gave her a chance to witness the alumnae’s motive of campus connects, the ideals that we wanted to follow and take – away messages for the  outgoing students,  in their onward journey into the outside world.

Sai ram