Alumni Engaged in Gulbarga Campus Showcase Their Work During Bhagawan’s visit to Campus

Swami’s recent visit to the Gulbarga for the inauguration of the grand hostel complex gave the alumni and alumnae, who have been engaged in the campus, a chance to showcase the projects and initiatives they have undertaken in the campus to date.

On February 9-10 a good number of alumni and alumnae converged on the Gulbarga campus to welcome their beloved Swami to the campus, which they now consider their second home. Among them were also around 30 alumni graduates of the Gulbarga campus.  A special room had been setup to showcase the various alumni projects & initiatives. A few of the alumni from Gulbarga campus had toiled all night to paint the room that was to receive Swami the next day. Others had helped setup the room and the display.

On the morning of February 10, Bhagawan visited the specially set up room and went around the various displays. Among them were – a table which had the recent contribution by the Hyderabad alumni of science laboratory equipment, neatly arranged cabinets with books contributed towards the library setup and posters of various initiatives like the water conservation project (borewell recharging), tree planting and Guru Vandana (felicitation of senior teachers by Gulbarga campus alumni)

As Swami walked past a counter that carried many books, He opened an encyclopedia and the page that came up had the pictures of the seven wonders of the world. Looking at them Swami commented, “Oh these are the seven wonders of the past, but in these modern times not seven or seventh but seven hundred wonders will come up (referring to the Sathya Sai Educational Institutions around the country that would come up in every district in the future!). As He was walking out of the room one of the alumnus prayed for guidance. Swami turned around and said, “Just like we breath in and also have to breath out to survive and should not hold back the air within, like wise alumni should give back what they have received from Swami to those who need it. Holding it back selfishly is like holding back the breath. Just as we breath we must serve!” Thereafter, Swami proceeded to the Bhajan hall where the students were all gathered eagerly, awaiting the His grand arrival.