Alumni from Raichur Conduct Career Guidance Session For 10th Standard Students in Gulbarga Campus

A few of the alumni from Raichur had visited Gulbarga campus and interacted with 10th std boys. The session which started at around 8:30pm on Saturday evening…got so interested and inspiring for the kids that the interactive Q&A went on until 12:30am!

Every one who participated that day lost track of time. The next morning the visiting alumni had a few informal discussions with the students and staff. All were bubbling with joy, enthusiasm and heartfelt gratitude.

Below is the msg from Gulbarga Chairman, Govind Reddy sir…appreciating the Alumni efforts and requesting for such interactions for the coming academic year…

Sairam brother Chidambar, career guidance program from you and all other brothers who visited the campus has inspired and motivated the students a lot. Now, the students will look forward to your monthly visits.

– Govind Reddy sir, Gulbarga Campus.