Coming Together of a Sai Family in Hassan Campus

The Hassan campus which is less than a year old, has already made a mark in the community of Sai Institutions for the discipline of its students. The recent display of impressive vedam chanting by its students in Bhagawan’s presence prompted Bhagawan to declare that if anyone today had concerns about the current state of the world, one should look at these children (pointing to the Hassan children) and reassure themselves as these children were the hope for the world!

November 24, 2016 was a special day for the Hassan campus. It was a coming together of all who are working in the background to make Bhagawan’s vision of a vibrant and fully operational campus in Hassan a reality. It began with Bhagawan blessing the devotees from Dubai to visit the Hassan campus soon after the 91st Birthday Celebrations at Muddenahalli. As the campus – under the guidance of its resident tyaga jeevis – Sri Ravi Kasturi and Sri Avinash (proud alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions)  readied itself to receive their brothers and sisters from Dubai, the local alumni who are like family to the institution too joined in to help with the visit arrangements. A few devotees who are closely associated with the institution and provide crucial local support and help were also present. A couple of alumni from Bangalore too accompanied the visiting guests to the campus

The local alumni who hail from Belur, Hassan and Channrayapatna towns, have been a crucial part of the Hassan campus’s journey from the day the project was announced to finding the land to the construction and this bond between the alumni and the institution has gotten stronger with each passing month. They are driven by Bhagawan’s command that the local alumni should take up the responsibility of maintaining the educational institutions He is building. Around 10 of the senior alumni from the region were present on that day.

The nine member team from Dubai, who were visiting the campus that day are part of a larger group of devotees in Dubai who have the privilege of taking up the infrastructural projects for the Hassan campus which includes the construction of its buildings, roads, amenities, gardens etc. The team was led by Sri Madan & Smt Shobna Gupta and Sri Vishaal Chhabria

The group started from Muddenahalli around 9:30 am and reached the campus around 1:00pm. After a refreshing round of fresh coconut water, Sri Ravi Kasturi, the Secretary of the campus, gave an overview of the campus, introducing the alumni and the contributions each had made to the institution. He then introduced the staff members who were instrumental in running the campus. Lunch was served by the alumni after which a tour of the campus was arranged. The visiting devotees were very impressed by the cleanliness around the campus, the daily routine which was focused on aspects like – all round development, self reliance and disciple among the students.

The visiting team also interacted with the students in their classroom and shared a few light moments with the children. They distributed chocolates and dry fruits they had brought from Dubai for the children. Though the group could not spend more time with the children as they had to head back to Muddenahalli to catch an early flight the next morning, the little time they spent with the children helped bond with the primary residents of the campus.

After interacting with the children, a short video on Bhagawan’s educational mission was show. Pictures of the campus, the campus master plan and the projects planned for the next 12 months were shared with the team. By then it was 4:00 pm and time to bid farewell to the campus. Aarthi was given to Swami in the main prayer hall by Sri Vishaal Chhabria and Sri Madan Gupta.

A visit to the historical and famous Belur temple had been organized by the alumni for the Dubai team. A short 15 minute drive brought us to the temple site. The architecture and the intricate stone carvings left everyone spellbound. The visiting team could relate to the pictures of the Hassan campus from what they were seeing at the temple as the main building in the Hassan campus is inspired by the Belur temple’s star shaped architecture. A special puja had also been arranged. After the visit to temple, the group started back to Muddenahalli. The visit had given them a peek into the campus, its working, the people behind the work and how Swami was working through each one of them in every aspect of the campus life

It seemed the day had brought together the various groups whose own destinies are tied to that of the campus – the Dubai group who is building the campus infrastructure, the alumni who are going to be maintaining the institution, the tyaga jeevis who are running the institution and the Swami’s children, who are the very heart of the institution. Truly a coming together of a Sai Family.