Hassan’s date with the Divine

Bhagawan visits the newly-inaugurated Sri Sathya Sai Sathya Nikethanam school campus

When the Avatar announces His intention to execute a project, the entire Universe literally conspires to make it happen at God speed! Like all of Bhagawan’s earlier projects, the story from conception to completion of the newly-inaugurated Hassan school too is suffused with divine benediction, grace and grandeur.

After Bhagawan publicly declared the opening of the Hassan campus around nine months back, in October 2015, the work for executing His wish began with a devotional fervour. The undeniable speed at which the land for the campus was selected and purchased, followed by the design and construction of the buildings, in spite of the logistical challenges are more than a subtle proof of Sathya Sai’s presence. And like is His wont, this seemingly preposterous promise, came to fruition in June 2016 when the school proudly admitted its first batch of students! The residential school now houses 74 children, inclusive of both Kannada and English mediums of education.

The Sri Sathya Sai Sathya Nikethanam, aptly christened by Bhagawan Himself, is the sheer manifestation of divine will combined with human effort. Nestled in a very picturesque rural location about ten kilometers from historical Belur town in the state of Karnataka, it’s almost impossible to not get allured by the rustic charm of the property and the pristine glory of the nature generously strewn around. The school stands a perfect testimony to what the combined efforts of Tyagajeevis, alumni and the devotees of Bhagawan can achieve.

When the Source takes charge of Human Resource

This school too like its predecessors enjoyed the same personal attention and care of Bhagawan. And just like the rest of them, it too boasts of a divinely-guided architectural design as well as hand-picked band of staff and teachers by Bhagawan Himself.

Sri Dwarakanath, Chairman and Principal, Sri Sathya Sai Sathya Nikethanam, was personally selected by Bhagawan for the job. He comes with a rich experience in the field of education. His role in the divine mission and cause, both as an enabler and mentor is cut-out for him. “The journey so far has been very wonderful”, he shared. “And given the fact that our school offers world-class quality education based on human values to rural children absolutely free of cost makes for a promising future too.”

The other prominent enabler chosen by Bhagawan for the task is Sri Ravi Kasturi. An alumnus of the Sri Sathya Sai educational institutions, he currently serves as the Warden and Secretary of the school. Attributing the awe-inspiring timeline of the school’s erection to Bhagawan, he shared how it was “only the pure grace of the Lord that made it possible for the school to be up and running in such a short span of time.” He also reminisced about the collective effort of all the devotees, staff and alumni in “adding a new jewel, the Sathya Nikethanam, to the existing collection of temples of learning.”

Bhagawan’s visit adds to the special charm

As soon as it was learnt that Bhagawan would grace the school with His visit on the 2nd of July, preparations to receive the Lord started at a delightful pace. Braving the relentless rain and other challenges, the alumni and devotees assisted the staff in creating a festive mood to welcome Bhagawan. It merits note here that a lot of physical work went in to ensure that everything was in place for the grand event.

On the morning of 2nd July, Bhagawan along with an entourage of guests arrived at the Sri Sathya Sai Sathya Nikethanam campus. They were escorted in by a group of local alumni. Bhagawan was then welcomed with the traditional Poornakumba and Veda Ghosha. After blessing the team that was present to welcome Him, Bhagawan walked in to the campus building, inspecting each room with careful consideration. Like a proud mother, He went about showing the school off to the guests who had accompanied Him. Explaining to them how the school was similar to a new born baby devoid of any adornments, He said that while in its current stage the campus may look plain, it would grow to become a very large institution. “In the future, it will house a big campus containing an ashram and a temple among other things.” After a private discussion with the staff and devotees who had worked hard to complete the structure, He walked to the main venue to meet the eagerly-waiting new batch of students. Once Bhagawan was seated on the main dais, He gestured for the programme to begin.

The welcome address was given by Sri Ravi Kasturi, who eloquently set the mood for the morning’s programme. This was followed by a beautiful talk by Sri Dwarakanath. Filled with devotion, his speech brought to fore his dedication to Bhagawan’s mission, bringing tears of joy to many eyes. Not one to miss any opportunity to encourage dedication, Bhagawan blessed him with a gift after his speech. Sri Shashidhara Prasad, former Vice-Chancellor of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, then gave an inspiring speech Describing how Swami had blessed his father with a vision during the time of his death, he dwelt on how Bhagawan’s mission was progressing at a fast pace in the current subtle form.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy, Chief Mentor, Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Institutions then addressed the gathering. Emphasising on the principles of faith and oneness, his speech gave the audience a glimpse into Bhagawan’s continuing mission in the subtle form. This was followed by the eagerly-awaited divine discourse.

Picking examples from nature, Bhagawan described the qualities that are expected in a human being. Just like how the sun, wind, rivers, etc. performed their duties selflessly, and without any prejudice, man should too serve selflessly, He said. Our love should be constant and unwavering despite of the nature of people receiving it, He added. He then emphasised on the need for values-based education and proclaimed that the Hassan campus would go on to etch a grand success story. Mentioning how a beautiful temple for Lord Satya Narayana would soon come up in the campus, Bhagawan ended His discourse speaking about how He would like to see many Sathya Sai Babas coming forth to work towards the welfare of the society as opposed to only one Sathya Sai Baba who was working earlier.

After this, Bhagawan proceeded towards the school building, where He partook lunch with all the students, staff and guests, In His characteristic style, Bhagawan then moved amongst the seated students, enquiring about their welfare, while distributing ice-creams.

Post lunch, Bhagawan called in all the staff and students for a private audience. This was followed by distribution of gifts to the students, staff and select devotees by Bhagawan Himself. These showers of spontaneous love from Swami complemented the rain showers, which had benignly stopped to make way for the programme. The divine visit ended soon, leaving behind a consecrated venue, exalted devotees, rewarded staff and happy students and alumni.


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