A Key Meeting in Alike Campus; May 7, 2016

Sairam all,

This weekend was a busy one with two alumni satsangs in Puttur and Mangalore. Some of us who had traveled and been a part of these satsangs also visited Alike to meet the elders and get their blessings and discuss a couple of important things. We were able to meet the elders on Sunday morning before leaving for the Mangalore Satsang. The meeting took place in the prayer hall in Prem Kuteer with Gangadharanna, Sanjeevanna, Krishnanna, Mahendranna, Chandrashekaranna (newly appointed as secretary) and Ramesh Rao sir. The visiting alumni included, Myself, Praveen GV, Prashanth HN, Arun SN, Vaibhav. The agenda was –

1. Discuss alumni mobilization and how local alumni can get more involved in the campus (this kind of mobilization is happening around each of Swami’s educational campuses)
2. How the Alike institution can help mobilize and connect with the alumni.

The elders were very happy that such a initiative to mobilize the alumni was being undertaken. They too felt the time had come for the alumni to play a greater role in the institutions. We felt that Swami had prepared them already the previous day at Muddenahalli regarding alumni participation in the campus activities.

We briefed them about the satsangs with the Puttur and Mangalore groups who in the coming days would visit Alike to explore opportunities to participate in suitable projects. Gangadharanna said he would discuss with his team and have some projects lined up for discussion when the alumni come to meet them on 15th of May

Another positive development that morning was the decision to set up a alumni relations cell which Chandrashekaranna himself supported and promised will identify the team for it. The alumni cell will help create and manage the database and also engage alumni when they visited the campus. It would explain to the visiting alumni of all the projects the alumni are doing and how they can be a part of it.

Overall the hour long meeting went quite well and we made good progress in creating the ground for the alumni groups to now engage with the institution. The first such meeting is happening this weekend on the 15th when the Puttur and Mangalore alumni coordinators are visiting Alike. More updates on this and the alumni cell will be shared in due course.


(This is an update shared by brother Dr Suresh on the recent visit to the Alike campus while visiting Puttur and Mangalore for mobilizing the local alumni to play a greater role in the Sai mission and participate in the project Swami has recently given to the collective alumni community (for the first time in the history of Sai alumni) i e to get involved in the educational campuses he is building across the country (600 – one in each district of India). The below meeting with the institution elders could be an example of how these engagements with the campuses can start)

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