Sapling Plantation in Gadag Campus

With the inspiration from Bhagawan to save earth, Sri Sathya sai vani niketanam Majjuru Gadag took initiative to create greener globe by planting 300 sapling. Keeping in mind the geography and the climate condition plants like coconut,  Mango, tamarind, jamoon, drumsticks, curry leaves, cajurina, rain tree, champaa, hybiscus, Jasmine, Tulsi were careful selected. The local devotees joined hands in procuring the saplings and transporting them to the campus. Pitts were dug well before the day.  organic manure was bought from local farmers to support them. 14 July morning sky also showered blessings with light drizzle to be part of the joy of children. Children were taught that plants have life like us. When we speak to them they will respond. They can build bond like best friends. Demonstrations of how to plant, put manure, vibhuti, tie a thread to the rod to strengthen the plant against wind was shown.
Children were divided into groups and were assigned plants to plant and adopt to take care.
All the children enthusiastically carried out. It was very touching to see them sitting around and assuring the plant that it is safe to grow there and they are loved. They chanted sai Gayatri to each plant. Watered with their own loving hands. Swami’s selfless love was experienced in the whole atmosphere.