SAI SPOORTHI 2016 Transcript of CFSS Annual Report

Dear Beloved Lord

On behalf of the global community of Your alumni and alumnae, we offer our deep gratitude to You, our Swami, our Master as you continue to shower Your Love and choicest blessings on us, Your eternal students.  Gratitude for continuing to include us in Your grand mission as it unfolds, gratitude for continuing to have faith in us.

Honourable Guests, Respected Elders, Brothers and Sisters,

It is my privilege and pleasure this morning to present the annual report for the Children for Sathya Sai for 2015-16. The Children for Sathya Sai, is a global community of over 45,000 alumni and alumnae who have graduated from one of the 18 Sri Sathya Sai Educational institutions. We the alumni and alumnae, share a common past of having had the wonderful opportunity of studying in one of of these haloed gurukulas. Thus we are also bound by a common destiny of enabling many others like us to benefit from this transformative system of Values Based Integral Education.

The past year has been an eventful one indeed. It began with the coming together of alumni and alumnae of all the Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions under the united banner of Children for Sathya Sai. Among the initial projects where this combined entity played an important role was in helping organize some of the large, high profile events like the World Youth Meet, the Athi Rudra Maha Yagna, National Youth Meet, One Nation among others. These experiences helped create a bond among the alumni and gave us immense confidence to take on large projects

The identity of Children for Sathya Sai, our focus and path has been guided by Bhagawan’s command to us, His alumni and alumnae to take care of the educational institutions He is building and thus support the ideals of providing values based integral education absolutely free of cost….an ideal championed and demonstrated by Swami in the last past five decades

In the true gurukula tradition, each year a few among us, after graduating from our institutions, decided to dedicate their lives to the cause of the educare mission and serve in our institutions. Having grown from within the system, they are doing a commendable job in building upon the foundations laid by beloved Sri Madiyal Narayan Bhat the tyaga jeevis. These alumni and alumnae today form the backbone of Bhagawan’s educare mission and a sourse of inspiration to us all for their ceaseless selfless work they have been doing over the years.

While some have chosen to serve the institutions from within, there is much that we who have gone out to lead successful lives, can do to support our institutions from the outside.

Guided by this goal, a few new initiatives were started in the past year while continuing to build on the earlier programs.

Each One Educate One is the flagship program of the Children for Sathya Sai. This unique program helps provide the crucial support to enable our institutions to continue providing high quality education free of cost. Today, with our educare mission being focused on rural India, our participation and support is going towards educating children who need it the most.

Each One Educate One is a wonderful platform to support the education of one or more of our brothers and sisters. Many from all over the world have already joined this transformative work. Many continue to give this gift of education, year on year, to a couple or a more  of their brothers and sister. We pray that the day is not very far when all the students studying in our institutions will be completely supported by the alumni and the alumnae of these very institutions.

To truly experience the joy of participating in this work it is important to connect with the institutions…witness the wonderful work that is continuing in these campuses day and night.

Campus Connect is a initiative, which is aimed at creating a platform for the alumni and alumnae to engage in the campuses in a holistic and sustained way. Already, these connects have started in some of the campuses like in Mandya and the Alike.

These campus connect engagements have not only led to greater focus on our key initiative of Each One Educate One but also facilitated other projects like campus greening initiative where the alumni have undertaking tree planting some of the campuses, bore well recharging in some of the water deficient campuses, equipping campuses with libraries, providing sports equipment among others. While these are early days, with more and more alumni and alumnae joining us, we aim to get more deeply involved in the campuses

To facilitate active participation of alumni and alumnae in the campus connect program and to build the awareness of the alumni activities within the community, regional alumni satsangs are being organized across the state and beyond. These satsangs have greatly helped the alumni reconnect with their roots and the institutions. In the past year, satsangs have ben conducted in Bangalore, Hassan, Mandya, Davengere, Mangalore, Puttur, Kolar and Hyderabad.

In some of these places, the local alumni have made these satsangs a monthly feature and have used the opportunity to further alumni engagement in the campuses.

Another initiative this year has been the setting up of alumni cells in the campuses. The goal is to create an effective platform for the alumni to connect with the campuses and engage with them. . This initiative has been very well received and supported by the campus leadership who have opened their doors and their hearts to welcome us in joining them in their work

The Sai Arogya program by the alumni and alumnae doctors continues to address the health and wellbeing requirements in the campuses. This involves the annual screening of all 5000 students and staff at the start of the academic year across all campuses. The goal is to provide this service throughout the year where all the medical needs of the students and staff are met by the alumni

A few other initiatives that were focused on during this past year were – digitization of alumni database and streamlining of communications through projects like a mobile application, redesign of the alumni portal among others.

Swami, these are early days but we pray that, by your grace, what has started as a trickle will grow into a glorious flow. It is you who has drawn each one of us to this special work and we are eternally grateful to you for that.. We pray oh Lord that many more amongst us have the joy of being a part of your avataric mission and find fulfillment in their lives.  Above all Swami teach us to love thee with all our heart and give ourselves entirely to thee for there can be no greater fortune than that.

Om Sai Ram

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